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Medias Impressions

I went with LSR Performance to enhance the suspension on my Supercharged V6 Camaro. With the newly installed springs, swaybars and chassis components, I was able to meet and beat several Camaros, both V6 and V8 and place 2nd in my first ever try at a triathlon., braking, autocross and drag strip. Before I had only run on a drag strip. Now the vehicle feels very planted and neutral and being able to steer the car with the throttle under control was a great improvement. Thank you LSR for a quality American made product.

Clint Symons

I had a great time driving (The LSR Camaro) and appreciate the opportunity you gave me. That car was really dialed in. So tossable and civilized. Ran down some very fast machines with (it).

Jim Campisano
GM High Tech

Thank YOU for giving me the opportunity to drive (The LSR Camaro), it was a blast. We have a couple of great photos of the car out on track, which I will be sure to use in (a future) story.

Justin Cesler
GM High Tech