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DBA Camaro 4000 SL Series Brake Rotor - Driver Rear
DBA Camaro 4000 SL Series Brake Rotor - Driver Rear
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Price: $220.00
Part Number: 602-DBA42605SL



Time to Install
About 2 Hours

Tools Needed
Basic Hand Tools

Difficulty Level

DBA’s unique directional wiper slot design limits the possibility of glazing your brake pads and allows for better ‘pad-bite’ under extreme braking. The wiper slot design constantly improves the disc pad friction face by wiping away the impurities, gases and resins from the friction material.

All DBA 4000 slotted series rotors feature the DBA directional wiper slot design, i.e. Left-handed and Right-handed directional slotting.



  • Unidirectional slotting (left and right) increases pad bite, reduces fade and delivers exceptional braking performance.
  • Slots continually de-glaze the brake pads improving efficiency and reducing rotor scoring.
  • Slots even out wear across the brake pad faces, increasing the effective contact area and extending rotor life.
  • Slots help dissipate water when driving in poor weather, as well as pump away dust and dirt.
  • Slotting also combats "out-gassing," where gas (from the pad bonding agents) can form a cushion between pad and rotor, greatly reducing braking power.
Vehicle Fitment

2014 Chevy Camaro 3.6L V6
2014 Chevy Camaro 6.2L V8 LS3/L99

2013 Chevy Camaro 3.6L V6
2013 Chevy Camaro 6.2L V8 LS3/L99

2012 Chevy Camaro 3.6L V6
2012 Chevy Camaro 6.2L V8 LS3/L99

2011 Chevy Camaro 3.6L V6
2011 Chevy Camaro 6.2L V8 LS3/L99

2010 Chevy Camaro 3.6L V6
2010 Chevy Camaro 6.2L V8 LS3/L99

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